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Massage, Reflexology, and Trigger Point therapies

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Services are provided by appointment only. Please call - if we are in session - you may leave a voice message or send a text message.


We are located in Pasadena, TX, a mile outside the Sam Houston Tollway. Head east on Fairmoint Parkway and turn left at Nations Dr. Enter the strip center behind the bank and we are located inside Happy Nails Salon.

Essential oils

Return to treatments from centuries ago. Oils have been used for ages to remedy and boost areas of the body. We can add oil treatments, including "raindrop" treatment, for established clients to aid with your recovery.

What Our Clients Say!

I had a pinched nerve in my back for weeks and could not stand and could barely walk! After one session with Sheli, that pinch was gone and could walk straight!

A trigger point customer

Suffering from Fibromyalgia, I can barely stand to have anyone touch my skin. After talking with Sheli, she had the perfect touch and I got a huge benefit from the massage!

A light swedish massage customer

I work out a lot and after pulling something in my shoulder, I though it would go away. In days, I could barely turn my head. After just one session, that shoulder is sore, but my stiffness in my shoulder is gone!

A deep tissue customer

As a school teacher, I try to relax as much as I can after days with unruly and problem kids. These dark, soothing sessions are perfect to relax. Since there's a nail salon right there, I just get a mani/pedi and make it an afternoon... just for me!

A swedish massage customer